PL Special Edition - No one is going to do it for you the choice is yours - Terry Hawkins

April 5, 2018

“The only time we really, really innovate is when we have come up against some sort of block; it’s when we come up against adversity.”

Terry Hawkins, who spoke with Project Leap presenters Meredith Papas and Tara Jacobsen-Neven during a Special Edition of their podcast this week, has had to reinvent herself time and again. As a poor little girl, growing up amid hardship and abuse, the now world-renowned and top ranking speaker has a simple outlook on life.

Project Leap interviewed Terry as a special edition ahead of an event she is speaking at in the Whitundays.  Terry is speaking to business people and community leaders in The Whitsundays this Saturday in the wake of the devastation wreaked on the North Queensland region by Cyclone Debbie and the fall out this has caused to businesses.


PL Ep 3- Build your Community. Break Down the Barriers. Then the rest will follow - Richa Joshi

April 5, 2018

In Project Leap's third episode, Tara and Meredith talk to Queensland innovator and small business owner Richa Joshi.

Richa has interwoven the stunning elements of a big personality, an inherent belief in community and the possibilities that come from bringing people together in a real and powerful way.

Hers is a brand of innovation that connects. It is one that matters. Not just to her, but to a community still trying to come to terms with things like cultural integration, acceptance and understanding.

Listen to Project Leap's Ep 3 to learn more about Richa's journey, her belief in community and her complete faith in the notion that working together makes great things happen.


PL Ep 2 – Picture yourself doing it and embrace the collective consciousness – Matt Golinski

March 22, 2018

In Project Leap’s second episode, Tara and Meredith talk to the charming Matt Golinski. Whilst many people think they know Matts story over the years,  we wanted to share why we believe Matt is a “Doer” for regional Australia.   Over the last 3 years Matt has been working in rural and regional towns supporting to create growth opportunities in these economies by delivering events to boost the food ecosystems in these regions.

Goondiwindi, Blackall, Biloela, Mackay, The Sunshine Coast, Roma … you name it! Matt has been there, worked with local producers and youth and cooked. He is the Gympie Food Ambassador and has a standing invitation to headline major food events throughout the country,

It’s not all rosy though – as anyone in the thick of regional, rural or remote primary industry would be quick to attest. “Even with the diversity, and the good business models, it is still a tough business to be in.

Listen to Project Leap’s Ep 2 to learn more about Matt’s journey and the incredible work he is doing in regional Australia.


PL Ep 1 Fear is very close to excitement – the only difference is how we perceive them - Deb Rae

March 21, 2018

In Project Leap’s break out episode, Queensland-based innovator Deb Rae shares her personal and entrepreneureal journey, and in chatting with Tara and Meredith, she explores how defining moments in those two worlds have shaped who she is today and how she came to commit to a positive and constructive mindset in a regional context.

Based in Mackay, Deb’s business and philanthropic achievements are underpinned by her incredible qualifications. But, here, it’s her honesty and raw, no-nonsense truths which will resonate with listeners and have you saving this episode to your ‘favouites’ list.